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Mrs. R  Mythili Shashtri

Mrs. R Mythili Shashtri

Founder - Director

Mrs. R Mythili Shastri had always been nurturing a dream of setting up a beautiful place for teaching Yoga and spreading awareness on its amazing benefits. She finally fulfilled her dream after taking up voluntary retirement for an administrative post in the Karnataka State government’s Department of Education. Her brain-child finally came into existence in the form of Prajiva Yoga and Therapy Kuteera, a full-fledged studio specializing in classical and therapeutic yoga. Ms.Shastry’s academic qualification is as diversified and vibrant as her interests and philosophy of life. She is an M. P.Ed., M.Phil. graduate, who has completed specialized courses in:

  • QCI – Level II certified Yoga teacher from the Department of AYUSH, Government of India
  • PGD in Ashtanga Yoga (KSOU, Mysore)
  • Yoga Therapy Teachers Training Course ( by International Yoga Academy- USA)
  • Medical Yoga and Pilates Breath Therapy (Pune)
  • Antenatal and Postnatal Teachers Training Course (Australia)

Her enterprising self transforms thus : “Yoga has been my savior during all times. My association with it has been since three decades. It has helped me balance the mind and body. Practicing Yoga, assures you of a calm mind, improves self-confidence which is the key in trusting yourself which in turn prompts a healthier mind and body. It keeps the internal organs healthy, blocks negative energy, promotes a proper hormonal balance within us which in itself acts as a shield that prevents diseases and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which aids in stress relief. If we take up the case of children, regular practice helps in improving their concentration, memory and agility that are the prerequisites for a healthy mind and body. Our therapy classes and specialized courses in Yoga for pregnancy and other areas, allows the individual to experience the bliss of yoga.”

Mr. Shivanna

Mr. Shivanna

Yoga Instructor and Massage Specialist

The Prajiva family, boasts of a therapeutic yoga instructor cum therapy masseur. His classes are basically effervescent in nature, impressing the individual with confidence and promoting a healthy-spirited mind. His main focus is on performing and teaching yoga via unconventional moves using aerobic techniques. He also instructs veterans in Veteran Yoga and provides therapeutic massages to those on need. His knowledge of herbs and home remedies, makes him the “go-to person” for helping reduce common ailments. He is Mr. Shivanna for you, the 69 year-old evergreen young man. His vision in his own words is:
“ Yoga is usually considered to be a serious endeavor, but my focus is to make it seem lighter with a combination of techniques so that it reaches the maximum. I have always been into sports – be it trekking, cycling, marathons, volleyball, and others and I feel that this spirit coupled with entertainment, can yield amazing results for those who also intend to lose/manage weight and remain spirited all day long.”

Dr. Chethana Anush B.H.M.S.

Dr. Chethana Anush B.H.M.S.

Homeopathic Doctor

A young and enthusiastic homeopathic doctor and a Yoga practitioner, Dr.Chethana has an impeccable profile. Apart from being a dedicated doctor, she is also a wonderful yoga teacher. Her TV talks on general health, has had a wonderful response from viewers. The testimonials from her patients is also a proof for the same. Her interest lies in an interdisciplinary approach towards an illness/ disorder. Along with the medicines, she insists on regular and targeted yoga practice. Her classes are highly informative. In her own words:

“My mission is to help others nurture their body, mind, spirit and make them flexible to deal with daily stress and improve the quality of their health and lifestyle by guiding them through a streamlined practice schedule of yoga. To guide through an alternative and safe practice of healing and helping others improving both psychologically and physiologically. Yoga is an alternative healing method which is safe as well. It is both an art and science that helps an individual in achieving balance physically and emotionally and thus brings moves them from the state of disease to ease! This inner transformation of individuals through the knowledge of yoga and service to the society, results in a happy and healthy environment around us.”

Anush S B. E Mechanical

Anush S B. E Mechanical

Yoga Instructor

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from the reputed National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysuru, Anush completed his Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) from SVYASA University, Jigani, Bangalore and Ashtanga Vinyasa Course from KSOU, Mysore. Currently working as a Software Professional in a multi-national company, he is a yoga and fitness enthusiast, an amateur Mixed Martial Artist, who is also pursuing the M.Sc course in Yoga from SVYASA University, Jigani, Bangalore.
Anush opines:

“Yoga helps maintain one’s body alignment, as the posture is important to distance oneself from age related ailments as well. In today’s overly stressful lifestyle, practicing the ancient art allows an individual to accommodate and streamline his senses, which allows him to maintain a balance spiritually, physically and mentally. I say spiritually because, Yoga is beyond religion and creed. It is an all-encompassing force which has the ability to maintain balance not just through asanas, but also through proper breathing techniques. Yoga has changed my life for the best and I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience for the betterment of the community as a whole.”

Dr. Anusha Bharath M. A. PhD

Dr. Anusha Bharath M. A. PhD


An academic doctor by profession, Anusha’s interest in yoga began in her late teens. She has since then honed her skills in its practice and is also a freelancer of yoga philosophy at the Institute, where she lectures about the intricacies of the art and aesthetics of yoga. She says:

“Teaching yoga itself is a blissful karma wherein my sensory swords are risen to awaken the peace within me. I as a teacher, try my best to spread the awareness of the self through a tranquil method which assimilates the physical self in the transcendental realm. Man’s journey when begun from within, can reach greater heights which equips him for the journey of the spirit.”

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