Enjoying Pregnancy At Prajiva

Antenatal & Postnatal Yoga Classes

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling.  It brings along a lot of questions about changes in one’s body, handling emotions, and preparing for labour, birth, and beyond.

    Prajiva presents exclusive sessions for pregnant women to:

    • Increase confidence in the ability to give birth.
    • Help cope with pain.
    • Facilitate labour.
    • Promote comfort during pregnancy through relaxation techniques, movement, and massage.

    In these sessions, one will gain insight into:

    • Coping with changes in different stages of pregnancy.
    • Positions to adopt for smooth labour.
    • Pain-relief and stress-relief methods.
    • Breastfeeding techniques.
    • Postpartum care for mother and child.
    • Happy relationship between the couple.
    • Support for the mother after delivery.

    Session Breakdown

    Activity Time

    • Various activities to keep the mind active and happy.
    • Designed specifically and carefully for different stages of three trimesters.

    Discussion Time

    • Understand the physiological changes of the body.
    • Understand development of the foetus.
    • Q&A session.

    Yoga Time

    • Different yoga postures with props depending on the month of pregnancy.
    • Focus on breath awareness.

    Breathing Time

    • Pranayama
    • Learn beautiful breathing exercises
    • Keep the mind calm and stress free.
    • Labour breathing.
    Classes Are HANDLED By

    Mrs. R  Mythili Shastry and Team

    • QCI – Level II certified Yoga teacher from the Department of AYUSH, Government of India
    • M. P. Ed, M. Phil, PGD in yoga
    • Prenatal and postnatal TTC – Australia
    • Medical Yoga and Pilates Therapy – Pune
    • International Certification in yoga therapy and teacher’s training – Chennai

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